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Edith has contributed to many radio programmes, most but not all on BBC Radio 3 or 4. Here are the links to some podcasts and other programming information. 

  • Speaker on BBC Radio 4The Moral Maze on why commercialisation has wrecked British universities. June 1 2022
  • Interviewed by Joe Queenan for BBC Radio 4 A Brief History of Progress, 20 May 2022.
  • BBC Radio 4 TODAY programme on ancient beliefs about Blood Rain, 19 May 2022.
  • BBC Radio 4 In Our Time on Sophocles' Antigone, March 24th 2022.
  • BBC World Service interview on classics and the French curriculum 17 November 2021
  • BBC Radio 4 Great Lives on Hypatia with Yanis Varoufakis, 21st September 2021.
  • ABC (Australia) Newtworked interview on 'Overnights' programme 4 September 2021 (on ancient Greek history)
  • Broadcasting BBC Radui 4 In Our Time on Euripides' Bacchae, 18 March 2021
  • Contributor to Radio 4 PM programme on 12 March 2021, on Amanda Gorman's inauguration poem and the politics of translation.
  • Nashville Public Radio interview on Aristotle, March 1 2021.
  • Contributions to Radio 4 series on metamorphosis in the arts, 7, 14, 21 Feb. 2021.
  • In Our Time on Pericles, 17th September 2020.
  • Contribution to Freethinking on Rethinking the Curriculum Radio 3 on 23 June 2020.

  • Contribution to BBC Radio 4 Nat Haynes Stands Up for the Classics (Penelope) 13 June 2020.

  • BBC World Service Forum on Aesop, 28, 29, 30 May 2020.

  • Interviewed on Start the Week about A People's History of Classics, 25/050/2020.

  • Contribution to BBC Radio 4 Nat Haynes Stands uo for the Classics IAmazon Queens)  24/05/2020

  • Contribtuion to BBC Radio 4 Nat Hynes Stands up for the Classics (Helen of Troy), 17/05/2020. 

  • Discussion of Aristotelian ethics on Radio Islam's Drivetime Show, 23rd September 2019.

  • Contributor to a documentary on religion, presented by David Cannadine, on BBC RAdio 4, 28th July 2019.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio's World at One on Sex Strikes, May 13th 2019.

  • Contributor to discussion of classical education in state schools, Radio Verulam, 14th February 2019.

  • Contributor to discussion of recent fiction, BBC Radio 4 This Morning, 26th December 2018.

  • Contributor to feature programme on the pine tree, BBC Radio 3, 23rd December 2018.

  • Contribution to BBC Radio 4 Natural History programme on swans and swansongs, 25 September 2018.

  • 13th September, In Our Time on the Iliad, BBC Radio 4 2018, 0905.

  • 5th September 2018, interviewed on Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4 about myth of Medusa.

  • 30th August 2018, interviewed on BBC Radio's News at One about current spate of novels set in ancient Greece.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 4  In Search of Sovereignty with Joe Queenan, Monday 30th July 2018, 8.00pm.

  • BBC Radio 4 Science Stories episode on Hypatia with Naomi Alderman and Natalie Haynes, July 4th 2018.

  • BBC Radio 4 P.M. programme June 25th 2018, discussion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and public opinion.

  • BBC Radio on Aristotle's virtue ethics with Shahidha Bari on FREETHINKING, 7th June 2018.

  • BBC Radio 4 Start the Week on Aristotle's Way with Tom Sutcliffe, 23rd April 2018.

  • ABC Radio Brisbane on Aristotle and Public Access to Classics, April 19th 2018.

  • ABC Radio Hobart on Aristotle and Public Access to Classics, April 12th 2018.

  • HERODOTUS with Justin Marozzi and Matthew Parris on BBC Radio's GREAT LIVES, 16th January 2018.

  • Discussion of 'fudging' in political rhetoric on BBC Radio 4's 'Broadcasting House' programme, 17th December 2017.

  • In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, Thursday 23rd November 2017, on ancient Greek Thebes.

  • Interview on cultural presences of the Classics for BBC Radio, Mount Stewart Festival, 14th October 2017.

  • Discussant on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour with Chipo Chung and Jenni Murray of Marlowe's Dido, Queen of Carthage, 6th September 2017.

  • Interviewed on Lucian by Natalie Haynes for Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics, 17 August 2017 at 1130 on BBC Radio 4.

  • Interviewed on Sappho by Natalie Haynes for Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics, 3 August 2017 on BBC Radio 4.

  • Interval talk on Sea Journeys and Sirens on BBC broadcast of Prom concert performance of Anders Hillborg's oratorio Sirens, Friday 28th July 2017 at 2010. 

  • Interviewed for Joe Queenan's Brief History of the Truth, Archive on Four, BBC Radio 4, 22nd July 2017.

  • Contribution to BBC Radio 4 Natural Histories programme on cows, July 4th 2017.

  • Contribution to BBC World Service The Food Chain on history of cannibalism, Monday 17 April 2017.

  • April 8th 2017, Edith was Commentator on BBC World Service 'Weekend' programme. 

  • Contribution to Joe Queenan's Brief History of Lust on BBC Radio, 18th February 2017.

  • Contribution to Joe Queenan's Brief History of Failure on BBC Radio, Archive on Four,11th February 2017.

  • 13th December 2016, Freethinking on BBC Radio 3, reading for Brexit times...

  • 5th December 2016, 'The Iliad: beauty, brutes and battles' on BBC World Service.

  • 4th December 2016, 'The Poetry and sexuality of Sappho', Newstalk programme 'Talking History', 1900-2000.

  • ABC Radio programme on Aristotle

  • 28 September 2016--panellist at Royal Festival Hall on theme of 'Success' broadcast lve by BBC Radio 3 Freethinking with Peter Frankopan and Kwame Kwei Armah. 

  • 4 September 2016--contributor to PM on Radio 4 on parliamentary democracy past and present.

  • May 17th 2016, Front Row review of British Museum Sunken Cities exhibition.

  • April 24 2016, Edith was Commentator on BBC World Service 'Weekend' programme. 

  • April 11 and 25 2016, contributions to Natalie Haynes' Stand up for the Classics, programmes on Aristophanes and Plato. BBC Radio 4.

  • April 14, 21 and 28 2016, contributions to 3-part Radio 4 series Borders: An Odyssey, presented by Frances Stonor Saunders.

  • June 27th 2015, Edith discusses ancient views of shame on Joe Queenan's Brief History of Shame on BBC Radio 4.

  • May 15th, Edith appeared on Sky News to explain the ancient archaeological site at Palmyra and the threats posed to it by the ongoing conflict.

  • May 14th 2015, Edith appeared on BBC World Service's News Hour to discuss the threat to the archaeological site of Palmyra in Syria.

  • May 11th 2015, Edith appeared to discuss the ancient Greeks and ideas of Europe on BBC Radio 4's Start the Week, presented by Mariella Frostup.

  • April 11th 2015, Edith was Commentator on BBC World Service 'Weekend' programme. 

  • April 9th 2015, Edith discussed Sappho on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time.

  • March 19th 2015, Edith discussed the British Museum's exhibition Defining Beauty on BBC Radio's Freethinking.

  • February 6th 2015, Edith was interviewed on ancient Greek solutions to debt crises on BBC Radio 4's TODAY programme.

  • January 28th 2015 1204 pm, Edith discussed Francis Bacon's use of the myth of Daedalus with Justin Champion on BBC Radio 4's 'History of Ideas' slot.

  • October 13th 2014, Edith discussed the new Amphipolis tomb excavations on BBC Radio 4 TODAY programme.

  • October 1st 2014 Edith discussed the production of Electra at the Old Vic on BBc Radio 3 Free Thinking.

  • Nominated to discuss a Great Life with Matthew Parris on BBC Radio 4 September 30th 2014, Edith discussed Lucille Ball with him and Carole Cook. 

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 4 documentary on the satire of Alexander Pope, presented by Ian Hislop, to be broadcast 20th July 2014.

  • Discussant on the 'TODAY' programme BBC Radio 4, 31st May 2014, comparing political machinations in the Liberal Democrat Party to the 2nd Catalinarian conspiracy in 63 BC.

  • Programme Panellist on The World Today Weekend (BBC World Service) with Julian Worricker 27th April 2014.

  • Contributor to Natalie Haynes' Stand Up for the Classics  episode on Sophocles, Monday 31st March 2014.

  • Discussion of why ancient Greek stories still matter on Radio 3's Free Thinking, January 14th 2014, 1000 pm.

  • Introductions to the three parts of the new BBC Radio production of the Oresteia of Aeschylus at 1000 pm, Radio 3, on 12th, 19th and 26th January 2014.

  • Contributor to discussion of Stoicism, Ethics and Therapy on Radio 3's Nightwaves, 26th November 2013.

  • Contributor to discussion of Ali Smith's Antigone on Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4, 31st October 2013.

  • Contributor to discussion about the myths of Prometheus, Radio Ireland's Talking History, 15th September 2013.

  • Contributor to discussion of Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, on In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, 30th May 2013.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves, a discussion of Margaret Thatcher's legacy, with Edwina Currie, Will Self, and Selina Todd, 11th April 2013.

  • Belle du Jour's History of Anonymity, BBC Radio 4 (contributor), December 31st 2012 and January 1st 2013.

  • Chris Evans' 'Mystery Guest' on BBC Radio 2, November 19th 2012, talking about Procol Harum's classic song A Whiter Shade of Pale.

  • Contributor with Harry Mount to news item on the goverment Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell's alleged use of the term 'pleb' as an insult, BBC Radio 4Today programme, 24th September 2012.

  • Contributor to BBC Three Counties Radio discussion of the goverment Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell's alleged use of the term 'pleb' as an insult, 25th September 2012.

  • Contributor to discussion of ancient Greek and other philosophical definitions of the Good Life and happiness on BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves, chaired by Phil Dodd, 10th September 2012.

  • Contributor to documenary on the theme of procrastination, presented by Rowan Pelling, BBC Radio 4, 28th August 2012.

  • 'Atalanta: the first tomboy", feature on women in Greek myth for BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, 23rd July 2012.

  • 'Jocasta and Phaedra', feature on women in Greek myth for Woman's Hour, 10th July 2012.

  • 'Penelope and Helen', feature on women in Greek myth for Woman's Hour, 3rd July 2012.

  • 'Medea', first in a series of essays on women in Greek myth for Woman's Hour, 27th June 2012.

  • Contributor to Woman's Hour on father- daughter relationships in myth, 14th July 2012.

  • Studio Panellist in discussion on progress, Radio Five Live, Saturday June 7th 2012 , 10.00pm.

  • Contributor to In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg on the Trojan War, 31st May 2012.

  • Contrubutor to BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves on Sophocles' Antigone and politics, 30th May 2012.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 4Today Programme on 28th May 2012; the poetry of the Greek Olympics (with Armand d'Angour).

  • Programme Panellist on The World Today Weekend (BBC World Service) with Julian Worricker 0700-0900 on 20th May 2012.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 4 documentary on declinism, 'Things ain't what they used to be', with David Aaronovitch, produced by Helen Grady, 16th May 2012.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 3 'Nightwaves' on public speaking ancient and modern, with Phil Dodd and Phil Collins (former Chief Speechwriter to Tony Blair) 18th April 2012.

  • 'The Essay' on the male nude in the art of ancient Greece and Rome in BBC Radio 3 series produced by Zahid Warley. Monday 20th February 2012.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 4 documentary The Road Home: Remaking Homer's Odyssey, presented by Tom Holland adn produced by Tim Dee, 12th March 2012.

  • Programme Panellist on The World Today Weekend (BBC World Service) with Julian Worricker 0700-0900 on 12th November 2011.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 4 programme 'Body bags: Simonides', presented by Robert Crawford and directed by David Stenhouse, 26th November 2011.

  • Live contributor on The World Today (BBC World Service) discussing Greece and the Eurozone crisis, November 5th 2011.

  • Discussion of the contemporary impact of the Homeric Iliad on BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves, October 5th 2011.

  • Discussion of the geographical setting of ancient theatres, Radio 4's Questions Questions, 25th August 2011.

  • On BBC Radio 3's "The Essay" 16th June 2011, produced by Paul Kobrak, "The invention of coinage and early Greek philosophy". 

  • Discussant on BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves, 9th June 2011.

  • On In Our Time discussing Xenophon, 26th May 2011.

  • Contribution to discussion of Marathon, BBC World Service News, 5th April 2011.

  • On Nightwaves discussing PTSD and the heroes of Greek drama with Philip Dodd and Janus Metz, 4th April 2011.

  • Round-table discussion on the topic of 'Just Deserts' on Nightwaves, with Matthew Sweet and Susie Orbach, 20th December 2010.

  • On In Our Time discussing the Delphic Oracle, 28th September 2010.

  • Contribution to discussion of the Battle of Thermopylae on Radio Ireland, 25th July 2010.

  • On BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves with Tony Harrison and Phil Dodd, discussing Classics and Social Exclusion, 8th July 2010.

  • On Nightwaves with Rana Mitter, 5th May 2010, discussing tragedy.

  • On Start the Week discussing theatre with Andrew Marr and Sir Peter Hall, 3rd May 2010.

  • Contributor to Radio 4 documentary on Greek myth and modern sopad opera, 'Oedipusenders', presented by Natalie Haynes and produced by Phil Tinline, 13th April 2010.

  • 'Demeter and Persephone', Essay on Woman's Hour, January 2010.

  • Panellist, BBC Radio 3's Debate on Sport v The Arts, at the The Sage, Gateshead, 25th October 2009.

  • In Adventures in Poetry with Peggy Renolds, discussing Cavafy's 'Ithaca', 30th November 2008.

  • My Free Thought 'Why Class Matters' as part of Radio 3's Festival of Freethinking, 17th October 2008.

  • Interview with Lewis Lapham on the cultural history of the Odyssey on Bloomberg Radio, September 2008.

  • 'A Brief History of Cunning' with American comedian Joe Queenan, Radio 3, 11th August 2008.

  • Contributor to Woman's Hour, 16th July 2007.

  • On The Verb on the chorus and fiction, 6th April 2007.

  • 'Three sisters'--why the number 3 is so important in history-- BBC Radio 4 documentary directed by Geoff Bird, 26th April 2007. Replayed on 'Pick of the Week'.

  • Review of movie 300 on BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves, 22nd March 2007

  • On In Our Time discussing Greek comedy, 13th July 2006.

  • Contributor to Nightwaves on Radio 3, 5th April 2006.

  • On In OurTime discussing the Oresteia, 29th December 2005.

  • On The Verb discussing choruses in literature and drama, June 10th 2005.

  • On In Our Time discussing the Aeneid, 21st April 2005.

  • On In Our Time discussing the Odyssey, 9th September 2004.

  • Consultant on BBC Radio Scotland series of adui-recordings on ancient Greece for children: April-May 2004.

  • On In Our Time discussing the battle of Thermopylae, 5th February 2004.

  • Contributor to Joe Queenan's comic documentary An American's Guide to Failureon BBC Radio 4, summer 2004.

  • Contributor to programme about the deus ex machina on Radio 3, 5th July 2003.

  • Discussion of new books on classical themes for children on Radio 4's Front Row, 2nd May 2003.

  • Contribution to Radio 3 documentary about the Colosseum, 12th February 2003.

  • Review of new translations of Marcus Aurelius for BBC Radio 4's Front Row, 7th February 2003.

  • Feature on Greek myth in literature for The Book Programme, BBC Radio 4, 12th April 2002.

  • Feature on Homer and verse metre for Radio 3Nightwaves, 5th April 2002.

  • 'In Front Of The Children', Interval feature on Euripides' Alcestis to accompany Radio 3's Greek season, with Edward Kemp and Phyllis Nagy, 11th and 13th Nov. 2001.

  • Feature on the ancient Roman poet Sulpicia for BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves, 18th September 2000.


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31 May 2022 ITN Assignment with James Mates arguing for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures

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In August 2020 Edith recorded an extended interview for a TV documentary directed by Magnus Briem, Salamis: the birth of democracy

Image description

In May 2019 Edith recorded interviews for three episodes of Brutal Media's HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY SERIES form Spanish TV..

Image description

In January 2016 Edith helped film a documentary on the building of the Parthenon with Windfall Films for Discovery.

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In September 2015 Edith filmed part of a documentary on the ancient Greeks with Chad Cohen for National Geographic.

  • Interview for Radio Oxford on fairies and winged mythical creatures, 8th August 2000.
  • Review of Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red, Nightwaves 7th July 1999.
  • Edith was panellist on BBC TV 2's Front Row, presented by Mary Beard, on 28th October 2017, 1930, repeated on BBC International 3rd Feb. 2018.

  • Edith appeared on Sky News to explain the archaeological site of Palmyra, under threat from conflict in Syria, 15th May 2015.

  • Edith is interviewed by Margaret Mountford on Sappho: Love and Life on Lesbos, BBC 4, 6th May 2015.

  • Edith discusses ancient sculpture and ideas of beauty on Treasures of Ancient Greece, presented by Alistair Sooke. BBC 4 televised 22nd April 2015.

  • Edith is interviewed by Nat Haynes on a BBC4 documentary on ancient Greek ideas about beauty screened April 9th 2015.

  • Edith contributed scenes filmed on location at Hissarlik (Troy) as well as in her London office to a Channel Four/More 4 documentary on the Trojan Horse, first brodacast in the UK 1th February 2015.

  • On 30th January 2014, Edith discussed and recited on BBC2 NEWSNIGHT the five-stanza poem by Sappho which has newly been discovered on a papyrus.

  • Consultant and contributor to The Greatest Show on Earth, 3-part documentary on BBC 4 on ancient theatre produced by Michael Scott, August/ September 2013, repeated February 2014.

  • Contributor to studio discussion of the government Chief Whip's alleged use of the term 'pleb' as an insult, BBC TV News 24, 24th September 2012.

  • Contributor to two episodes of a BBC2 documentary presented by Bettany Hughes, Divine Women, 10th and 17th April March 2012.

  • Contributor to four-part documentary on Gardzienice Theatre on TV Poland Kultura channel, weekly from Sunday 11th December 2011.

  • Contributor to TV documentary Athens: Ancient Supercity, 2006.

  • Contributor to Discovery Channel's Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece (Epidauros episode).

  • Contributor to Discovery Channel's Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome (Baths of Caracalla episode).

  • Contributor to documentary on cross-dressing, The Drag Trade, BBC 4 September 7, 2004.

  • Contributor to Spartans at the Gates of Fire, 90-minute documentary for Discovery Channel/BBC 2 by Atlantic Productions (2004). 

  • Contributor to The Greeks: Crucible of Civilisation, 3-part series by Atlantic Productions for PBS/BBC 2, narrated by Liam Neeson.

  • Contributor to ITN documentary The Myth of Atlantis (2002).

  • 1998, 'Euripides' Medea', video documentary for made for BBC/Open University by Two Cats Can Media.

  • Contributor to documentary on Martin Bernal's Black Athena in Channel 4's Without Walls series, first broadcast 5th March 1991.

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Admiring the Very Table on which Tom Paine wrote Rights of Man, in Manchester People's History Museum

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Filming with Nat Haynes and Dr Mike Squire at the British Museum

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With playwright Frank McGuinness (librettist for Julian Anderson's opera The Thebans) and the statue of Sophocles at King's College London, May 2014

Image description

Orpheus charms the animals 

on a mosaic of the 

Roman imperial era

Image description

Athenian boys 

learn to recite poetry

Image description

Every good drinking party needs a woman to provide pipe music

Image description

The Doric Arch at Euston Station before Demolition

Image description

Bust of Minerva by Enoch Wood Pottery

Image description

Dionysus on a Victorian house tile by Minton

Image description

Croesus and Solon

  • Review of new RSC productions at Stratford upon Avon, Front Row, 21st April 1999.

  • Discussant on 19th-century historiography of the ancient world, Radio 3 Nightwaves, 8th April 1999.

  • Discussion of new children's books on Greek myth, Radio 4's Open Book, 12th March 1999.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves, 18th September 1997.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 4's Reading Around, on Homer's Iliad, 30th August 1997.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 3's  Nightwaves, 6th August 1997.

  • Review of new French novel for Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, 7th July 1997.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio programme on the god Dionysus, 24th June 1997.

  • 4th May 1997, contributor to programme on Sappho for BBC Radio 4's Poetry Please, with Peggy Reynolds.

  • Discussion of several translations of Homer for BBC World Service, 28th February 1997.

  • Review of Oedipus plays at Olivier Theatre for Radio 4's Kaleidoscope, 19th September 1996.

  • Feature on Jane Harrison for Woman's HourJune 27th 1996.

  • Review of Fiona Laird's production of Aristophanes' Frogs for BBC Radio 4 Kaleidoscope, end February 1996.

  • Contibutor to programme on the Oedipus myth, BBC World Service, 9th February 1996.

  • Contributor to BBC world service documentary on the history of the swimming pool, 'An Even Bigger Splash', November 1995.

  • Writer and director of documentary 'Iphigenia: Metamorphosis of a myth', broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 7th May 1994.

  • Contributor to BBC Radio 3 documentary on the story of Ariadne, 23rd May 1994.

  • Contributor to programme on tragedy in the series Meridian, produced by Jennifer Bowen for the BBC World Service, 19th and 20th November 2011.

  • Review of Phyllida Lloyd's Medea at Manchester Royal Exchange for BBC Radio 4 Kaleidoscope, 1st November 1991. 

Youtube, Podcasts, Webcasts etc

Interview on Aristotle and Politics 

Tom Watson's Persons of Interest interview

Lecture on Great Italian Women Classicists

Padua Graduate School, October 2022.

Plato and the Lost City of Atlantis.

History Extra podcast 1 December 2020.

Ancient Philosophy: Plato.

Gresham Lecture November 26 2020

A People's History of Classics

APGRD filmed seminar with Henry Stead and Fiona Macintosh, November 23 2020.

Ancient Theatre Around the Black Sea

APGRD podcast with Rosie Wyles and Claire Barnes, July 2020.

Ancient Greek Medicine: Hippocrates, Gresham Lecture May 28 2020.

Engineering: Archimedes of Syracuse, Gresham Lecture on the amazing Sicilian polymath who cried EUREKA, March 5 2020

The First Physicists: Gresham Lecture on Thales and other Ionian Pioneers of Science, November 2019.

ARISTOPHANES: The Comedy of Democracy for Greece Podcast.

21st-Century Responses to the Homeric Iliad. BSA/BA Lecture, November 27 2020.

The Theatre of Dionysus at Athens, Gresham Visiting Professor Lecture, 28 November 2019.

Pericles' Funeral  Oration, Gresham Visiting Professor Lecture, 7th March 2019.

Aristotle's Lyceum, Gresham Visiting Professor Lecture, 30th May 2019

How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life, Yale Lecture April 2019

Slave Stories: Aesop and Walter Crane, Gresham Visiting Professor Lecture. 8th March 2018.

Aristotle Goes the Movies: How to study Virtue Ethics throuh Cinema. Durham Castle Lecture, January 2018.

Aristotle's Tyrant, Sophocles' Theban Rulers, Shakespeare and Greenblatt, Harvard/Nafplio Center for Hellenic Studies Lecture, 26th January 2018.

Sappho & the age of Greek Tyrants via Gounod's Opera, Gresham Visiting Professor Lecture, January 2018.

Aristotle & the Future of the Human Race, Penn Museum, Lecture to Wolf Humanities Center's 2017-18 Forum on Afterlives

Homer's Iliad via the movie TROY,  Gresham College Visiting Professorial Lecture, November 2017.

Christianity and the Classical World: how Christianity became the Official Religion of the Roman Empire, BBC History Magazine roundtable with Catherine Nixey, September 2017.

A Celebration of Aristotle's 2,400th Birthday, Hellenic Society Lecture, London University Senate House, June 2016.

Western Canon Podcast on Greek Tragedy in Classical Athens, especially the Oresteia. April 2018.

Aristotle's Example in Bridging Arts, Humanities and Sciences, lecture at Tbilisi StateUniversity Sciencefest, September 2018.

'Classicist foremothers and why they matter', J.P. Barron Memorial Lecture, Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House, June 7th 2017.

The Comedy of Democracy: Podcast in Series Ancient Greek Declassified.

'Aristotle and the Idea of the University', Honorary Doctorate Acceptance Speech, University of Athens, Feb 14th 2017.

'Iphigenia: Quest heroine', filmed at Princeton University May 2010.

'Aristophanes’ Knights', King's College London 2016 

'Pearls Before Swine? The Past and Future of Greek', Gaisford Lecture, University of OxfordMay 2015.

'The Homeric Tradition', British Library, 2016

'Plutarch's Gracchi on the French, English and Irish Stages', The Warburg Institute, with Rosie Wyles, 2014.


What Do the Ancient Greeks Have to Say to the Third Millennium?, Cornell 2015

'Conflict Resolution in Aeschylus' Oresteia', Getty Villa Council Lecture, 2015, California

'Some Palladian Presences: the Reception of Pallas' epigrams', UCL 2014

'Peisetairos, Adventurer in Thrace: a New Reading of Aristophanes’ Birds, National Hellenic Research Foundation October 2016, Athens.

Discussing and reciting Sappho on BBC 2 Newsnight.

'Ancient Greeks, the West and the Modern World', China, Zhejiang University


'Contestations of Class and Power in the Reception of Aesop's Fables', Center for Hellenic Studies Washington, Fellows' Research Talk, with Sara Monoson.

The Life and Homes of Aristotle, 2016.

Cities and Ideas in the Ancient World, Festival of the Future City, with Bettany Hughes, Bristol 2016

Bacchai, directed by Peter Hall, National Theatre

An Introduction to Greek Tragedy, National Theatre

An Introduction to Greek Theatre, National Theatre

Antigone: An Introduction, National Theatre


Antigone: The Chorus, National Theatre

Women of Troy: Stage Design, National Theatre

Save Classics at Royal Holloway, 2011 


War Love Politics, Panel Discussion at KCL


From Aristotle to Albert Square, Panel Discussion at Almeida Theatre

Tony Harrison’s Iphigenia in Tauris, with Henry Stead 


The Public Intellectual in Classical Athens and Today, The Royal Society in London, with Bettany Hughes and Charlotte Higgins

Shorter Educational Videos

Tragedy and Suffering

Euripidean Tragedy

Euripides' Medea

Greek Tragic Chorus


Hippolytus and Language

Characterisation and Hippolytus

Euripides' Bacchae

Key Themes in Bacchae

Religion in Bacchae

Greek Tragedy and Comedy

Performance and Context

Gods in Tragedy

The Invention of the Barbarian

Image description

Filming in Istanbul Archaeological 

 Museum--photo by Tom Fowlie

Image description

Edith has filmed several lectures for MASSOLIT video lectures for schools. 

Image description

Edith has helped Margaret Mountford make a BBC documentary on Sappho, shooting on location in Greece,  first screened 2015.

Image description

Speaking at Hay on Wye Literature festival, May 2015

Lecturing at the Istituto Nazionale Dramma Antico (INDA) in Syracuse Town Hall

Image description

Appearing on Sky News May 2015 to Discuss Arcaeologyical Site of Palmyra

Image description

After filming at Hissarlik 

Image description

With Anisha Christison at the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield, inspecting first edition of Agricola's de Re metallica

Image description

Research Consultancy day on Classics & Class in Wales, Swansea 2014

Image description

Recording a BBC Radio Programme on "Shakespere's Bookshelf" at Stratford upon Avon.

Image description

Vase by the school of Polygnotus in Athens Archaeological Museum showing Sappho with a papyrus roll of her own poems. 

Image description

Roman Orator Cicero

Image description


Image description

Athenian Orator Demosthenes 

Practises Volume on the Beach

Image description

Doric Temple at Paestum

Image description

Drawing of a vase, now lost, illustrating the myth of Actaeon and Artemis

Image description

Antony & Cleopatra (Enoch Wood)

Image description
Image description

L.M. Phelps as Coriolanus

Image description